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Would you like to capture your great event, for example your business event or party into a short aftermovie? To be able to give to all of your guests as a great memory? I can offer you an aftermovie and capture your event in 1 to 2 minutes. Would you like to brainstorm or have any questions? Contact me via the contactform and we will be in touch soon!


company video

Are you looking for a magnificant way to visualize your company? Then a company video is a good match! In the company video, I can make all your wishes come together. With this you are also able to attract a different target group or consumers besides showing your existing network.


All my services come with a recording day and afterwards the editing. Herewith you will receive a complete and fully edited video.

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editing YOUR

Are you looking for someone to edit your own filmed footage? This is also possible. Provide me of your material and wishes for it and I will make sure you receive a video which contains all you wish for. Contact me for more information!

instruction video

Would you like to explain a product or service to your target group, colleagues or consumers? Then the instruction video is the best option for you!

Are you curious if your product or service will work? Contact me and we'll look further into it together!

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video content

Looking for multiple short videos for your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.) Then video content is a good option for you! Contact me and we'll brainstorm to get the best possible content for your socials.

promotional video

Would you like a short promotional video of a product or perhaps a service? In a promotional video, I can highlight one of your products or services.

Would you like more information about a promotional video? Please contact me. Then we can look further together for cool ideas!

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